Pixelbook Go (M3)

Feb 7, 2020 00:00 · 159 words · 1 minute read Linux Chromebook Pixelbook development

I’ve neglected writing for this blog for some time (life happens). However, I finally got around to upgrading from my 2016 chromebook (acer cb3-131) with a Pixelbook Go (M3 edition) a few weeks ago.

As an upgrade, everything is miles ahead of the 2016 Acer — the keyboard, the trackpad, the screen (resolution and size), the speakers, and, of course, overall performance. Obviously, the price is miles ahead as well, and while priced on the high side for the specs, it is still within it’s worth it range. Battery life is also very good (though the Acer wasn’t bad at all in that department).

I enabled the Linux beta (crostini) right away with a click in settings and it has been working flawlessly ever since with things like VSCode, ruby, go, docker, pandoc, latex, and typora (just trying it out writing this actually) installed.

All in all, a solid and capable device that is very comfortable to use.