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May 22, 2020 07:11 · 346 words · 2 minutes read Notes

As mentioned in the prior post, I have been using the Standard Notes app, and the Indent Editor, which provides a streamlined but functional note taking experience. However, there were a couple cosmetic and functional changes I wanted in the editor — so I forked it, mucked about in the code a bit, and now have …

The SN Nimble Editor

The first change was just a small cosmetic adjustment, changing the line-height of blank lines from 0.4em to 0.6em. A tiny change, to be sure, but it opens up the text just a little.

The second change involves code blocks. In the Indent Editor, code blocks delimited by triple backticks appear in a highlighted monospace font. However, the opening backticks have to be the last thing on a line to be recognized as beginning a code block, and couldn’t be followed by a language name (as one often does in markdown). In the Nimble Editor, the opening triple-backtick sequence may be followed by a language name (actually, any non-space sequence).

A third change affects the display of markdown style headings. In the Indent Editor, markdown style headings (lines beginning with one or more # hash symbols) are rendered in bold, with the first two levels in relatively larger font sizes as well. The Nimble Editor only differs by adding color to the headings (utilizing the --sn-stylekit-info-color of the current theme).

Lastly, but not leastly, the Nimble Editor adds a very simple change to facilitate entering enumerated lists. If you start a line with any amount of whitespace indentation, then an integer, followed by a period and one or more spaces and then your “item” text, when you hit Enter the next line will begin with the same indentation and an automatically incremented integer. Note: this an ‘entry only’ facility — if you move or delete items in the list, the list numbers will not be recalculated.

Source code for the SN Nimble Editor is available here, along with instructions for importing the latest version (currently running on netlify) in the Standard Notes client app.


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