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Edit this wiki page to comment on the [Darcs] post:
Here's a quick movie showing a brief session with a live repository enabled to accept patches via email (this is similar to the static example shown in the [tutorial] I mentioned in my post):

You can view the [repository history online], or just get yourself a copy of darcs and try it.

Hey, how'd you make that cool movie? --MarkStosberg? <mark@summersault.com>

An article at [this site] outlines the basic method using ImageMagick? tools. After that I imported it into [the Gimp] and slipped in a couple of frames for the splash-screen and then ran gimp's 'animation optimize' filter to reduce the size (from about 200k to 55k) and chose the option to loop only once when saving. That's all relatively simple. The hard part (for me) is keeping a reasonable timing/rythm (not sure I succeeded yet), not making too many typos, and not forgetting what the heck you were going to do next (helps to sketch out a script) --AndrewJohnson

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